Grow-Genius 40% Mono-Silicic Acid Now in Stock

Mono-silicic acid is the most effective form of silicon available to gardeners, and Grow-Genius 40% mono-silicic is the best value true mono available today.

​Silicon is an important nutritional element for many organisms, including humans. In plants it provides physical reinforcement against insect and mould attacks on leaves and flowers, strengthens cell walls allowing faster growth, confers resistance against biological and environmental stress, and even allows plants to reduce water loss. You can grow plants without it, but they are healthier and more productive with silicon.

Some soils and peat, all coco coir, and most nutrients contain no silicon at all – so produce grown with them doesn’t either. This can generate a vicious circle of relatively weak plants falling prey to insects and pathogens, which in turn creates stress, further weakening, and worsening health that needs pesticides and fungicides to manage. Adequate silicon levels can avoid this in most cases and even in extremes, can hugely reduce the number of applications of toxic chemicals required to achieve a successful harvest.

The physiological reinforcement that silicon provides not only prevents penetration by mould spores but literally wears out the mouthparts of pests; from mites to catapillars, ensuring dramatic reductions in pest control requirements both indoors and outdoors – which is helpful because silicon also allows bigger and sweeter fruit development with improved lifespan after picking, often achieved using a lot of extremely toxic chemicals.

​There are many silicon supplements on the market today – but plants only take up silicon in the form of mono-silicic acids: individual silicon atoms surrounded by hydrogen and oxygen – and most silicon products contain silicates: long chains of silicon that root or microbe chemistry takes weeks or months to convert into mono-silicic acids that plants can use.

​This is why stabilised mono-silicic acid is so effective: it is already in bioavailable form, meaning plants can access and use it immediately.

So choosing mono means less waste, and visibly faster results than with other forms of silicon. There are other stablised mono-silicic (aka orthosilicic / monosilicic) acids out there using different technologies, and nano-silicon is engineered to bypass uptake altogether.

But when you look at the peer-reviewed research, no other form of silicon offers the same plant benefits that monsilicic delivers, and no other hydroponic or home and garden brand monosilicic currently matches the concentration rates and value of GG mono-silicic.