Concept Hydroponics grow shop is located in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. We cater for commercial growers and hobbyists alike and stock huge quantities of grow tents, grow lights, hydroponic nutrients, soils, coco soil, clay pebbles, hydroponic NFT trays, IWS complete systems and other horticultural supplies. We also stock many brands like Plant Magic, Canna, Dutch Pro, Biobizz, DragonFly, Vitalink, Bloom Advanced Floriculture, Mills, Advanced Nutrients, CX Hydroponics, Buddhas Tree, Hesi, Botanicare, Humboldt Nutrients, GHE, GreenPlanet Nutrients, Atami, FoxFarm, Plant Success, Rhino Pro Filter, Can-Lite Filter, Garland, Lumii, Green Qube, Gavita, Maxibright, Sunmaster, Philips, Lighthouse, Secret Jardin, Mammoth, Osram, Powerplant, Smscom, Autopot, Bluelab, Essentials and many more! Come and see us at our Potters Bar shop and speak to our friendly experts.